Project Description

Ryan Loved Theater…

and that Inspired Our Partnership with the Dallas Children’s Theater

Ryan Goldblatt loved playing games, watching TV, building with blocks and reading books. These activities took up quite a bit of his time when he received his chemotherapy treatments for hours on end over the course of 2-and-a-half years. One of his favorite books was How I Became A Pirate which was read to him seemingly a thousand times. When it was discovered that Dallas Children’s Theater (DCT) would be performing How I Became a Pirate on stage, there was no question that Ryan would have to attend the play. It was no surprise that Ryan loved the performance and talked about it for weeks after seeing the show.

Please read about the 2018 return of How I Became a Pirate, and the dedication of the performance to Ryan’s memory:

After the Ryan Goldblatt Foundation (RGF) was formed, it seemed only natural to partner with DCT to provide theater tickets to the kids fighting cancer and their families at Children’s Medical Center (CMC). The goal was to give the children and the parents an experience they otherwise would probably never give themselves; to enjoy an afternoon together without having to think about doctors, nurses, chemo, medical bills, or anything cancer-related if only for a couple of hours.In addition to providing theater tickets to the kids who are well enough to go out and see a play on the big stage, the RGF also provides theater entertainment to the kids who are too sick to leave the hospital. The RGF underwrites several promotional appearances a year at CMC by DCT. All of the kids in the hospital can come down to The Ryan Seacrest Studio at CMC and watch a play live, as well as obtain autographs and take pictures with the characters from the play. The patients also have the option of tuning their TVs to the hospital network and watching the performance in their room live as well.

Children's Medical Center performance for Oncology Kids through our Community Partnerships

Ryan’s memory will last forever through cherished stories, photos, mementos, and through the charitable organization which bears his name, The Ryan Goldblatt Foundation.